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This is my favorite thing of all time.  

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me: what are taxes and how do I pay them?
school system: worry not
school system: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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Nicky Minus

lord have mercy.

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" Eu quero muito mais amor pra você, meu bem."


Camilo & Grande feat. Klumben - Røgsignaler (Smokesignals)
A collaboration from some great danish artists, Klumben the Danish “dancehall genius” on a Reggaeton inspired track by Camilo & Grande.
- “Sending smokesignals from Bogota to Blågårds”
The summer refuses to die down here in Denmark.


She Was The Best | The Green

"She was the best, she always came running to me thinking about how she loved and was loved by me."

October 2014 Podcast Episode Up


Dennis Alcapone - Wake Up Jamaica
Roland Alphonso - 1000 Tons Of Megaton
Booker T. & the MG’s - Soul Limbo
Rufus Thomas - (Do The) Push And Pull, Pt. 1 
Bar-Kays - Son Of shaft
The Staple Singers - Ill Take You There
Lorna Bennett - Breakfast in Bed
Symarip – These Boots are Made for Stomping
Freddie Mcgregor - Wine Of Violence
Sugar Minott - Nah Follow No Fashion
Leroy Smart - Mankind A Failure
Bunny Wailer - Rock N Groove
Burning Spear - Its Good
Dennis Brown - Milk And Honey
Culture - Natty Dread Naw Run
Dr Alimantado - Badness What A Madness
Litte Roy - You Run Come
Max Romeo - Rent Crisis
Dillinger - Set Jah Jah Children Free
Big Youth - You Don’t Care


DJ Narcos - “Roots Rockers Reggae Selection”

1-Johnny Clarke - Declaration of rights 
2-Johnny Osbourne - Truths and rights
3-Junior Byles - Fade away
4-Horace Andy - Skylarking 
5-Dennis Brown - Revolution
6-Johnny Osbourne - Cant buy love
7-The Maytones - Money worries
8-Black Uhuru - Party in session
9-Jacob Miller - I’m just a dread
10-John Holt & The Paragons - Left with a broken heart
11-John Holt & The Paragons - I’ve Got To Get Away
12-Lacsley Castell - This girl and me
13-Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape The Judgment
14-Jacob Miller - Peace Treaty Special
15-Yabby You - Deliver Me
16-Junior Byles - The Long Way
17-Hugh Mundell - Tell I A Lie
18-Lacsley Castell - Leaving
19-Junior Byles - Fever
20-Yabby You - Judgment Time
21-Don Carlos - At The Bus Stop
22-Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
23-Horace Andy - Rain From The Sky
24-Twinkle Brothers - Dollar
25-Bunny wailer - Dreamland
26-Lacsley Castell - Morning Glory
27-Lacsley Castell - Johnny Brown


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